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The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics

Dec 18, 2011

Category : Mathematics (E - Book)
Title of Books : The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics

Author : Translated and Adapted By Ann Cutler & Rudolph McShane
Publisher : Doubleday & Company Inc. Garden City, New York
Year Published :1960
Code Book :  60 - 13513

The teacher called on a  nine-year-old boy who marched firmly  to the blackboard upon which was a  list of numbers a  yard long.  Standing on  tiptoe  to reach  the top, he arrived at the total with what seemed the speed of  light.
A small girl with beribboned braids was asked  to find  the solution of 735352314  times 11.  She came up with the correct  answer-8088875454-in  less  time  than  you  can  say multiplication table. A  thin, studious-looking boy wearing silver-rimmed  spectacles  was  told  to  multiply  5132437201 times 452736502785. He blitzed through the problem, computing  the  answer-2323641669144374104785-in  seventy seconds.
The  class  was  one  where  the  Trachtenberg  system  of mathematics is  taught. What made the exhibition of math- ematical wizardry more amazing was that these were children who had repeatedly failed in arithmetic until, in desperation, their parents sent them to learn this method. The late Jakow Trachtenberg, founder of the Mathematical  Institute  in  Zurich,  Switzerland,  and  originator  of  the startling new system of arithmetic, was of the firm opinion that everyone comes into the world with "phenomenal calculation possibilities."  
The Trachtenberg method is  not only speedy but simple. Once one has mastered the rules,  lightning calculation is as easy as reading a  story.  It  looks like magic,  but the rules are based on sound logic.  Trachtenberg, a brilliant engineer with an ingenious mind, originated his system of  simplified mathematics while spending  years  in  Hitler's  concentration  camps  as  a  political prisoner. Conceived in tragedy and amidst brutal hardships, this striking work cannot be separated from  the life of its originator for  it is quite possible  that h~d  Professor Trachtenberg's  life  run  a  more  tranquil  course  he  might  never have conceived the system which has eliminated the drudgery so often associated with arithmetic.
The life of Trachtenberg is as fascinating and astounding as his brilliant mathematical system which many experts believe will  eventually revolutionize  the teaching of arith- metic in schools  throughout the world.  

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