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Set the Schedule Post Article On Blogger

Dec 27, 2011

You know that your blog is so easily indexed by google and get the traffic of which you should be diligent in posting articles at least 3 days. if you are a productive and writing articles, it helps your articles published on a regular basis. Well There are interesting features of blogger.com that will help you set up a schedule of Scheduled Posts posting articles. With this facility we facilitated Scheduled Posts in arranging the schedule posted an article on bloggers.

You only need to set your time, anytime you want to post the article the system will automatically do it. Suppose you want your article published today on 3, writing another article on 5 others again on 8. You only need to Manage Schedule Post Article on Blogger at the time of editing.

And this is the way to schedule posts on Blogger articles:

1. Make sure you are logged in first.
2. Go to http://draft.blogger.com/
3. On the posting page select "Post Options" or "Post Options" point to post the date and time we want.
4. Please set the date and time when our posts will be published.

When you press the button Publish Your article will be automatically scheduled to be published according to the time that has been set. If you want to cancel the schedule enough just save it as a draft.

Well with these tips you do not need to routinely make the article, because sometimes when not in the mood we're having difficulties making the article. Posting Schedule Tip Set With this article you can make an article as much when you're in the mood. and menejadwalkan publication. Be impressed with your blog is updated frequently.

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