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Great Way To Get Indexed By Google - part 1

Dec 30, 2011

Image Source : Google

Getting indexed by Google is not an easy job, it will take week even a month to get your blog indexed by Google. But there is easy way to make your blog indexed by Google. With this tricks, your blog will be indexed in 48 hour.

Sign Up Google Webmaster
Sign up for Google webmaster. This method requires you to have Google account. After you have Google account, sign up at www.google.com/webmaster/Tool and add your blog. Your blog needs to be verified first to insure you are the right owner of your blog by uploading Google verify file to your blog. If you want your blog indexed faster, you need to build sitemap of your blog. 

Sign Up Google Analytic
Using Google Analytics to speed your blog gets indexed. Go to www.google.com/analytics/ and sign up for an account, then add your blog. You need to add few codes on your blog template to identify that you are the right owner. If your blog data not yet saved on Google datacenter, Google bot will immediately crawl your blog for indexing.

Link to Other Indexed Website
Another way to get indexed fast by Google is by getting backlink from establish website or blog. To get link from other website for free, you can put comment on other blog with your link on it or sign up to big forum and make a post with your link as signature or fill guest book on other website with you link as signature. When Google bot crawl their site and find your link on it, Google bot will immediately craw your blog and your blog will indexed fast.

Using Yahoo to Get Indexed
These methods are the fastest way to get your blog indexed by Google. The trick is very simple, you need to have my yahoo account and add your blog RSS URL in my yahoo. After you add your RSS URL, use www.pingomatic.com to ping several time Yahoo with your blog URL. Within 24-48 hours your blog will be indexed by Google.

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