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Avira 2012 Free Antivirus

Dec 20, 2011

Avira 2012 (Free) release.. What New on Avira 2012? Check it out!!!
1. Increased stability and reliability
 All components have been made more resilient in order to resist against targeted malware attacks which are more and more aggressive. This includes, but it is not limited to, the ability to function without many registry keys, better protection against process termination, component deletion and many others.The repair functionality for various malware families has been improved.

2. Decreased resource usage and faster initialization time
Many optimizations in all modules, re-usage and recycling of components that have already been loaded in memory lead to a lower memory consumption. Because the engine is loaded only once, the overall initialization time of all moduleshas been improved.

3. Improved usability
The usability of many actions which require user interaction or are used very often has been improved: installation, configuration and control of the user interface. Some places where an information slide-up had to be shown have been enhanced by adding the possibility to configure the features:
• Protect Windows hosts file from changes
• Block autostart function
• Restart handling

4. User interface improvements
Overall, all the user interfaces of the product have been made faster, lighter and easier to use. We made the product more secure by default and this will be reflected by the user interfaces. Our strong belief is that the interaction with our security software has to be as easy and logical as possible. The status panel reflects the status of the most critical components you use. The status of the product is now reflected in the status panel and also in the umbrella in the tray icon. Our users have given their trust to Avira by installing one of our security solutions on their computers. This is why it is possible now to let Avira decide what needs to be done to protect the computer better. And this can be done with only one click: Fix problem The entire status panel has been redesigned in order to allow a fast configuration and control of all options and features:
• Scan your computer
• Backup
• Update
• Renewal
• FireWall, Web and Mail protection
• Child protection
• Game Mode / Presentation mode
The configuration options have been simplified and only the most important options have been left visible by default. Of course, the technical savvy user can still find all the options to tweak the product in the Expert mode of the configuration

5. Express InstallationThe new release makes the installation of our products even more easier and straight forward. We have kept only the most important things in the Express installation and left the others in the Custom installation mode.

6. Better security by default 
From now on the hosts file (which is used by some malware to prevent antivirus products to update) will be protected from alteration by unauthorized programs. This feature will be added in all our solutions and will be active by default.

6. Updated System Requirements
Windows XP SP3 (32 bit),
Windows XP SP2 (64 bit)
Windows Vista SP1 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Support for Windows 2000 has been cancelled.
Min. 512 MB RAM (Windows XP)
Min. 1024 MB RAM (Windows Vista, Windows 7)
Min. 150 MB (additional temporary and quarantine space needed)

Source : Avira & Google

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